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2024-2025 Volume 102 Candidacy will be from May 17-June 2, 2024. If you have not done so already, please enter your e-mail address here to be added to the Canvas Candidacy page. 


For any questions, please email the Volume 102 Editor-in-Chief, Kailey Houck, at, or another member of the Management Committee.

Denver Law Review Week, Vol. 102 

Denver Law Review Week was held the week of April 8th. In case you missed it or you have further questions, please reach out to Editor-in-Chief, Kailey Houck at, or Outreach Editor, Cris Kelman,

Denver Law Review Week is an annual week-long information session in the spring, where attendees have the opportunity to learn about the journal's function and the benefits of membership from current editors. Additionally, current Denver Law Review members will host sessions to discuss the write-on process, answer questions, and share tips on how to successfully submit a competitive candidacy packet. Events are typically both held in-person and virtually on Zoom. 

Candidacy Information

The Denver Law Review candidacy period will be from Friday, May 17th (8:00 AM MST) and ends Sunday, June 2nd (11:59 PM MST). To apply for candidacy, candidates will join our Canvas page, titled "Denver Law Review Candidacy 2024-2025." There, we will post the preliminary instructions for the candidacy period and provide further instructions when the packet is released on Friday, May 17th. For prospective candidates interested in joining Volume 102 (for the 2024-2025 school year), please be on the lookout for further information this Spring 2024. 

Accommodations: If you have extenuating circumstances or need accommodations during the write-on process or at any other point, please email Dean Jessica Boynton ( with your request. Dean Boynton will work with the Equity Editor to maintain anonymity and facilitate the request.

Transfer Students

Transfer students are encouraged to apply to the Denver Law Review. For more information, please contact the Editor-in-Chief: Kailey Houck (

DLR Membership Selection Policies

Eligibility: Candidacy is open to ALL first-year students. Additionally, second-year evening or part-time and dual-degree students are welcome to apply, provided they have not previously completed the Law Review candidacy. Students may only attempt the candidacy process ONCE. Downloading the packet constitutes an attempt. Candidacy packets submitted by an ineligible individual will be disqualified during the grading process.

Selection Process: DLR will notify students selected for membership in early July, prior to the OCI deadline. 

Staff Editor Responsibilities

If you are selected to join DLR for the next volume as a Staff Editor, you will have the following responsibilities: 

Two-Year Commitment: You agree to serve as DLR Staff until you graduate. You will be promoted to Associate Editor after serving as a Staff Editor for one year (at the end of your 2L year for full-time students). If a Staff Editor wishes to run for election on the DLR Board, comprised of the Executive and Management Committees, the editor will apply in the spring before the promotion to Associate Editor.

Cite-and-Source (two per semester): You will assist the Production Team in completing "below-the-line" (BTL or footnote) edits and attend the Managing Editor's instruction sessions.

Case Comment: In the fall immediately following the write-on, every Staff Editor is required to write a publishable case or policy comment. Two students will have the opportunity to be published from the write-on process, and those are the only two students exempt from this requirement (as they will spend the fall semester revising under the Forum team's supervision). 

Support Hours: You will assist Executive Board members in their editorial duties and learn about the board positions, for 15 hours per semester.

Attend DLR Events: By applying to DLR, you should anticipate attendance at most events, including Staff Orientation every fall, Cite-and-Source meetings, Symposium every spring, and other events throughout the year. 

Why Join?

The Denver Law Review invites all eligible students to apply to become a part of its long and outstanding tradition. DLR is the law school's flagship journal and the oldest student-run journal at the Sturm College of Law. Membership on this historic and prestigious journal guarantees many benefits, both now and in the future:


Skills: Excellence in legal writing is key to membership. You will refine your writing skills when you edit and polish articles submitted by prominent professors, judges, and practitioners across the nation. 


People: Networking is essential for membership. You will have a unique opportunity to network with faculty, DLR alumni, and high-achieving student colleagues to engage in your community and promote professionalism. 

Publication: Student publication is a special aspect of membership. 

  • Two students will have the opportunity to be published on the DLR Forum from the Candidacy write-on period each year.

  • We publish up to four Staff Editors' fall case comments.

  • We publish selected 3L articles in conjunction with directed research or upper-level writing requirement. 

  • We publish innovative legal scholarship on the DLR Forum.

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